Yellow… a lot or just a little

January 10, 2013



Craving a little warmth on this barren January day?


There is always… yellow.



via National Geographic


In its pure clean form, yellow can be overpowering on walls and tricky to work with. But when designers get it right, it can sing.


I love it on the walls of this dining room at  Monticello, balanced by other strong elements (heavy white trim and dark wood furniture and doors). You can read about how this paint color, Ralph Lauren’s ‘Monticello Yellow’, was chosen here:



via Elle Decor


And the designer, Mary Douglas Drysdale, is brilliant at the use of strong yellow on a large scale.



via casart



via the french tangerine


Personally, I love it in very small doses and, like other saturated shades, it can actually be just as powerful used this way.

Take a look.


via houzz



via decor 8



via the style files


via Elle Decor 



source unknown





I hope that warmed you up– a lot, or just a little!

Happy New Year  !





Not So Mellow-Yellow

March 21, 2012


It was gray and pouring rain yesterday morning here in DC. I attended a benefit breakfast and was seated at table with someone wearing the most beautiful daffodil colored jacket- really bright.  It just ‘sang’ in a room of otherwise muted tones. It inspired me to collect a few images from my Pinterest boards that showcase the power of a small dose of yellow in white rooms.


via Orange Tangerine Art




via Decor 8





via a dose of the delightful



via Joel Snayd/ Rethink Design Studio




via Tamar Schechner



Feeling the yellow love?  It WAS the first day of spring yesterday, right?