Cocoa + Apricot at Georgetown’s ‘Evermay’

February 22, 2013



When I first came across these photos of the recently renovated interior of the historic Evermay  (1802) in Georgetown I was really bowled over.



Gordon Beall



The palette is elegant and restrained– dark wood paneling,  creams, cocoa and a touch of apricot. This is the work of Rill Architects with stunning photography by Gordon Beall.




Gordon Beall









Gordon Beall




Gordon Beall



The floors!  The ceiling!



Gordon Beall


Quiet restraint in the bedroom.



Gordon Beall


Ingenious  placement of beds with books– love this idea.







You can read all about the history of Evermay here.


And I’m actually looking forward to another summer season of concerts there.






Stay warm my readers…  cherry blossom season is just around the corner!  Have a lovely weekend~






Nantucket Gray and Paula Broadwell

November 16, 2012



Ha!  Did that get your attention?  Couldn’t resist. Headed over to the historic Mt. Pleasant neighborhood in Washington, D.C. yesterday to photograph one of my latest exterior projects.










Yes, this historic row house was ready for a major facelift. After testing numerous gray/greens we settled on Benjamin Moore’s Nantucket Gray for the brick body.  Take a look at the slate tiles on the upper portion- yes, they had been painted  a dreary BROWN.  We chose a medium gray (like the real thing) for that surface – Rock Gray 1615 and a darker version, Cheating Heart 1617 for the shutters.  A warm off-white — Grand Teton White AC-42 brought the trim back to life, especially on the dentil detail above the porch.








The porch ceiling on this house is a prominent surface because the house is elevated  with the ceiling very visible from the street.  A soft silvery gray with just a hint of blue was chosen- Pelican Gray 1612.  Steps and porch floor were repainted with a darker khaki River Gorge Gray 1537.   There is heavy stonework near the front entrance (not shown) which inspired some of the neutral palette.





We debated about removing all shutters but the owners wanted to keep them.  The addition of shutters on the lower level might make the house a bit more balanced… perhaps a future project.

Which brings me to…….. Paula Broadwell





So  yesterday, while photographing this project,  I encountered the media stakeout of the above.




Apparently, Paula has been holed up in her brother’s Georgian Revival mansion in Mt. Pleasant–all week.  Of course, I took note of the cheery yellow color and wasn’t wild about the porch ceiling treatment- a stained natural wood (blue would have been better). Just saying.




A few other snaps of neighboring beauties:







So… I hope Paula gets out of the house (and town) today and lets the neighborhood return to normal.  Just another interesting day in our nation’s capital. Take a stroll through Mt. Pleasant  this weekend … great history, eclectic architecture, color, and, for now, lots of cameras.


Happy Weekend!