“Shades of Gray” in Georgetown

April 18, 2011

Washington, D.C. is a conservative, somewhat buttoned-up town. Anyone can tell you that the thousands of starched men’s business shirts hanging on the spinning racks at the drycleaners all look Brooks Brothers same– oxford cloth, white, pale blue and pink, striped, maybe some tattersall thrown in.  Some march to a different beat for sure, but things on the exterior here are pretty East Coast classic, neutral and...safe.


Brooks Brothers






Which brings me to the appeal of a little shop in Georgetown called Random Harvest .  This shop, with additional locations in Old Town  Alexandria, Arlington and Bethesda, is a local gem and go-to store for new, antique and vintage home furnishings.  The store has thrived here for 25 years- its combination of updated classics and eclectic accessories offers just the right mix.



The stores are styled simply with walls painted in a soft gray green- Benjamin Moore Clarksville Gray.  Floors are covered in a warm textured natural sisal– a perfect backdrop for showcasing furniture  upholstered in creams and pale neutrals.  The look is calm and soft. Accessories provide pops of color such as coral, blue  and yellow.




Clarksville Gray, Seattle Mist, Vanilla Ice Cream, Coral Bronze

Benjamin Moore Clarksville Gray, Seattle Mist, Vanilla Ice Cream, Coral Bronze



The furniture is scaled beautifully–  perfect for the smaller rooms of city apartments and townhouses.






And after Washington finishes up its “neutral” shopping  in buttoned- down shirts and loafers, there is always a little room for some pink flair.  About as wild  and indulgent as we get here.



Georgetown Cupcake


Happy shopping DC!