Orange Crush

March 4, 2013



“Orange is the happiest color.”  ~ Frank Sinatra


Spending too much time inside my house this winter but took a stroll around yesterday and inventoried just how many little doses of orange have crept into my rooms. I know… “Tangerine Tango” is so 2012, but these pieces are keepers!  And, yes, they do make me happy.





It may have all started here with the shot of orange in this rug we brought back from Afghanistan years ago. It’s relatively small (6×8) so doesn’t dominate the room. It’s the only real color and pattern in my otherwise quiet neutral bedroom.





And I couldn’t resist this linen pillow with a brilliant orange trim (antique Hungarian) from Pandora Balthahazar several years ago at the Brimfield Antiques Show.  All of my linens are neutral, walls are painted in my favorite C2Paint ‘Bristle’ (a warm sand color) with ceilings and trim in the soft C2 Cotton– with just a few small pops of orange.





This  window seat pillow (found on Etsy) combines the burgundies and oranges found in the rug.






My little library with floor to ceiling bookshelves, walls and ceiling all painted out in Benjamin Moore Linen White, gets a color shot on a small accent wall painted in Donald Kaufman’s DKC 17– the perfect backdrop for a little abstract by the artist Marcia Staiger.





Thanks, Mom for this flea market find.








Another Brimfield steal– an antique Aboriginal painting.  Absolutely love the colors in it.   Funny, I never found one that I loved enough to purchase while living in Australia.





Also couldn’t resist this “cheeky”  pillow from local designer Supon Phornirunlit of  Naked Decor.  It wakes up the austere lines of a Thos. Moser  wingchair.





And again, it’s… tulip time!  Tulips are my favorite flower because they really arrange themselves. And that’s about all the orange this room needs.






So that’s my wrap up for orange. Small hits of it are cheery and fun- especially in the winter months. Not seeing “Emerald Green”  creeping into my house anytime soon.  Though lately, I am coveting the pop of warm green in this beautiful house designed by Feldman Architecture.



via Anne Irwin Fine Art



And this painting by the artist  Bernd Hausmann.




artist Colin Page



Perhaps in my next house… ‘Emerald Green’ might be just perfect in a little vacation cottage on a lake in Maine (with orange  confined to the driveway) .



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Just…a dash. Just.

August 30, 2011



Nothing better than a dash of color where you would least expect to find it.



Apartment Therapy



Martha Stewart

Apartment Therapy DC at CB2 (gray+red/orange)

July 22, 2011




What a  great turn-out for the latest Apartment Therapy DC event at the CB2 store in Georgetown this week!




Jake and Steven


So…. the hip, upstart little sister of Crate & Barrel is cool, indeed.


The conundrum…where  exactly does this leave Crate & Barrel?  Are they suddenly…uncool?   That’s probably a bit harsh.  Crate & Barrel has always been a visionary (in terms of  delivering edited, really great design to the retail world).   I was a huge fan back in the early 80’s when I frequented its flagship store in Boston (think Marimekko wall-hangings).   So I get what they are doing with CB2…and there is definitely a gi-normous sea change happening in the world of design.  I’m guessing a “generational” re-calibration and also a shift,  born of the recession (the “undecorate” movement and all of that with the emphasis on function, thrift and “meaningful” decor).  Whatever.. it is a shift and…a good one.






So…on to the good (visual) stuff.  As a color person (with a camera) my eye immediately began taking in the showroom vignettes. Lots of saturated color.  As I entered the showroom, I first encountered the industrial gray thing…with red/orange .




Note the red/orange hair. And the orange ball.



Fabulous rugs, including an edited collection of FLOR (next post).


I  also learned that the CB2 “philosophy” centers on these things (all really good):


  • design details
  • the “refined industrial” aesthetic
  • global texture
  • dramatic scale
  • one-of-a-kind-finds
  • small spaces
  • curated collections or “clusters”


“One-of-a Kind Finds”



And big kudos to CB2 for their “help-others” campaign.


And as I organized my photos for this post, they fell into two color categories.  The first is  gray/orange-red.






So here are the lovely servers from Cork Restaurant & Wine Bar who catered the event.  Orange details– were they styled?




So the palettes at CB2 are  bold and edgy.  And as I progressed to the back of the store, there was a shift to “gray + chartreuese” (next post).





Stay tuned~


Love u CB2!  Buying that fab “squirrel pillow” for myself and letting my “generation Y kids” roam for themselves. ; )