Old World Beauty (Brimfield Part 2)

September 16, 2011



Thank goodness I wasn’t stepping in mud under this tent.

Hands-down…one of the most gorgeous collections of antique linens at Brimfield and, just maybe, under the sun.




Pandora de Balthazar


First, there is the name.  I might just buy anything with those gorgeous letters attached to it. Would these linens be that appealing under a label with a name such as, say…Bertha Smith? (sorry Bertha).  The answer is … yeahhh!



I was immediately struck by the magical, ethereal and zen-like atmosphere of Pandora’s showroom… like walking through a cloud.  I loved the subtle color and texture–the layering of  natural whites. Pandora also understands scale.  Her oversized European pillows looked absolutely regal stacked against her upholstered linen headboards– most of them 72″ high.





In this sea of neutral linen, color is found mostly in trims… often used sparingly.  I  fell in love with this pillow and am designing a bedroom (mine) around it.  Thinking Farrow & Ball Lamp Room Gray on walls, punctuated by orange…just a touch on that pillow and in the pattern of an old Afghan rug (probably both from the 1800’s) . Color is often most powerful used in this context.




Farrow & Ball Lamp Room Gray


Antique Afghan Orange



Exquisite embroidery and appliques…




Pandora understands  color.  Reds and oranges just sing against a hundred variations of delicate and slubby-textured natural linen.



Pandora also has a story. She is the greatest ambassador for her product (and a great night’s sleep)…educating her clients about her patented Sleep System– a combination of  four pillows, strategically placed, to calm body and mind (I told my Pilates instructor all about her).




Custom, detailed, natural, textured and …200 yrs. old.  A sight to see, feel, touch and behold …..Bertha. Not quite.


Pandora. De Balthazar.


Take me to the Kasbah.….




For a closer look at Pandora at Brimfield, peruse the exquisite photography of Bruce Barone.