Cocoa + Apricot at Georgetown’s ‘Evermay’

February 22, 2013



When I first came across these photos of the recently renovated interior of the historic Evermay  (1802) in Georgetown I was really bowled over.



Gordon Beall



The palette is elegant and restrained– dark wood paneling,  creams, cocoa and a touch of apricot. This is the work of Rill Architects with stunning photography by Gordon Beall.




Gordon Beall









Gordon Beall




Gordon Beall



The floors!  The ceiling!



Gordon Beall


Quiet restraint in the bedroom.



Gordon Beall


Ingenious  placement of beds with books– love this idea.







You can read all about the history of Evermay here.


And I’m actually looking forward to another summer season of concerts there.






Stay warm my readers…  cherry blossom season is just around the corner!  Have a lovely weekend~






Apartment Therapy at CB2 (gray+chartreuse)

July 26, 2011



Part 2  of the post about the fabulous Apartment Therapy DC Meetup last week. Part 1 was all about the  “gray + red/orange” palette that repeats itself in the CB2 Georgetown showroom.  Here is the second palette- the combination of  “gray + chartreuse” :










Definitely buying the squirrel pillow for myself.



Great “edgy”  color combination. Also fun with small doses of orange.  Works for me.  Like?


Apartment Therapy DC at CB2 (gray+red/orange)

July 22, 2011




What a  great turn-out for the latest Apartment Therapy DC event at the CB2 store in Georgetown this week!




Jake and Steven


So…. the hip, upstart little sister of Crate & Barrel is cool, indeed.


The conundrum…where  exactly does this leave Crate & Barrel?  Are they suddenly…uncool?   That’s probably a bit harsh.  Crate & Barrel has always been a visionary (in terms of  delivering edited, really great design to the retail world).   I was a huge fan back in the early 80’s when I frequented its flagship store in Boston (think Marimekko wall-hangings).   So I get what they are doing with CB2…and there is definitely a gi-normous sea change happening in the world of design.  I’m guessing a “generational” re-calibration and also a shift,  born of the recession (the “undecorate” movement and all of that with the emphasis on function, thrift and “meaningful” decor).  Whatever.. it is a shift and…a good one.






So…on to the good (visual) stuff.  As a color person (with a camera) my eye immediately began taking in the showroom vignettes. Lots of saturated color.  As I entered the showroom, I first encountered the industrial gray thing…with red/orange .




Note the red/orange hair. And the orange ball.



Fabulous rugs, including an edited collection of FLOR (next post).


I  also learned that the CB2 “philosophy” centers on these things (all really good):


  • design details
  • the “refined industrial” aesthetic
  • global texture
  • dramatic scale
  • one-of-a-kind-finds
  • small spaces
  • curated collections or “clusters”


“One-of-a Kind Finds”



And big kudos to CB2 for their “help-others” campaign.


And as I organized my photos for this post, they fell into two color categories.  The first is  gray/orange-red.






So here are the lovely servers from Cork Restaurant & Wine Bar who catered the event.  Orange details– were they styled?




So the palettes at CB2 are  bold and edgy.  And as I progressed to the back of the store, there was a shift to “gray + chartreuese” (next post).





Stay tuned~


Love u CB2!  Buying that fab “squirrel pillow” for myself and letting my “generation Y kids” roam for themselves. ; )




Feathers and Rainbows

June 6, 2011


‘Tis the season for dress up–weddings, grad parties and ….. prom.   Just had to share a few of the photos I snapped last Saturday of my daughter and friends heading out to their senior prom.   The dress code this year was simple, classic and elegant.  But there were a few little surprises.



FEATHERS.   Apparently... feathers are IN. As in hair. As in boys’ hair.





And in corsages (so sweet that they still do the flower thing).





And in boutonnieres. Actually, these fellow art students embellished ones from the florist with feathers to coordinate with their outfits. Could you just die?





Of course, the girls were  totally in charge here. The boys were instructed to stand back as they arranged themselves “in a rainbow” for the ultimate photo opp.  The girls who dared to wear black, white or  prints were exiled off to the side. : )





And the evening was capped off by a limo ride through Georgetown and Washington, D.C.






Back to “feathers”.   I first noticed this trend while visiting Boulder last summer.  Lots of  college kids were wearing feather hair extensions. They were often very subtle.  Seems to be just catching on in Washington, D.C.  At first,  there was a stampede of local high school kids to a certain hair salon for  “feather tipping”; now the kids are buying them on Etsy .


Wanna be 18 again?  Actually, I think Steven Tyler wears them in his hair but who knows how old he is.



Have a happy  and  ~colorful~ June.




“Shades of Gray” in Georgetown

April 18, 2011

Washington, D.C. is a conservative, somewhat buttoned-up town. Anyone can tell you that the thousands of starched men’s business shirts hanging on the spinning racks at the drycleaners all look Brooks Brothers same– oxford cloth, white, pale blue and pink, striped, maybe some tattersall thrown in.  Some march to a different beat for sure, but things on the exterior here are pretty East Coast classic, neutral


Brooks Brothers






Which brings me to the appeal of a little shop in Georgetown called Random Harvest .  This shop, with additional locations in Old Town  Alexandria, Arlington and Bethesda, is a local gem and go-to store for new, antique and vintage home furnishings.  The store has thrived here for 25 years- its combination of updated classics and eclectic accessories offers just the right mix.



The stores are styled simply with walls painted in a soft gray green- Benjamin Moore Clarksville Gray.  Floors are covered in a warm textured natural sisal– a perfect backdrop for showcasing furniture  upholstered in creams and pale neutrals.  The look is calm and soft. Accessories provide pops of color such as coral, blue  and yellow.




Clarksville Gray, Seattle Mist, Vanilla Ice Cream, Coral Bronze

Benjamin Moore Clarksville Gray, Seattle Mist, Vanilla Ice Cream, Coral Bronze



The furniture is scaled beautifully–  perfect for the smaller rooms of city apartments and townhouses.






And after Washington finishes up its “neutral” shopping  in buttoned- down shirts and loafers, there is always a little room for some pink flair.  About as wild  and indulgent as we get here.



Georgetown Cupcake


Happy shopping DC!