Take Me… to the Kasbah

April 24, 2013



I love clients who really GO FOR  IT.  Just returned from a visit with a client– her renovation has progressed slowly over the last year. The living room, filled with yummy art, antiques, rugs and textiles, was the last room to be painted… and what a difference it made!  We had done the adjacent rooms in saturated hues and the living room was just hanging out there in an anemic pale shade of lemon yellow. This rich butternut squash color,  C2Paint ‘Delicata’  (a champion color btw) did the trick.





The  vibrant colors in this rug hold their own and anchor the room (love the pink).





Now, fabulous sculptures and paintings practically pop off the walls. And the rich brown ‘walnut’ stain on the floors tames the vibrancy of the “orange”.





The tiny hallway above was the perfect place to get a dash of red–   Benjamin Moore’s ‘Caliente’.   This is an exceptional red– I specify it in the Aura line, with the recommended primer and 2 coats.  Only after my client added a light fixture to wash the wall and artwork, did  the color come to life.





The ‘Kasbah’ reference?  Well, that would be the from Benjamin Moore ‘Affinity Collection’.   The small entrance hall got a shot of that burnished purple ‘Kasbah’.  It balanced the yellow- orange tones of the kitchen cabinetry (in sight lines from the entry).




This kitchen, in place when I arrived on the scene, informed the palette for the house.  It is “heavy” in a good way– lots of warm wood which I balanced with a medium toned gray-green on the walls–  ‘Jojoba’, also from the Affinity Collection.   The client has a gorgeous verdant garden, visible from the french doors and windows– the green wall color invites the outdoors in.  Stainless steel appliances and these fabulous ‘industrial’ metal chairs also temper the warmth. Isn’t the assymetrical table a surprise? Custom made by the talented Alexandria craftsman, Ian Lowrie.




Another view (above)  of ‘Jojoba’  on the kitchen walls with warm wood trim and a slice of the hall wall color- ‘Kasbah’ .





The “before”  version of the  paneled dining room (the original) had loads of white window trim, which, aside from being high-contrast, did nothing to enhance the wood. I switched the white trim out with a warmer mid-toned green — Benjamin Moore  ‘Aventurine’, also from the Affinity Collection.  It is  actually much warmer — not as minty as shown in the rendering above (still learning Photoshop..sorry), and paired with warm woven-wood blinds, it softens the room considerably.




We rearranged artwork (fab purple tones) which relate to the hall color (visible from the room) and added buffet lamps to add ambient lighting for evenings.





Another lesson in balance– wood tones of cabinetry, furniture and especially floors are integral to a successful color scheme.



Happy colors… happy client…. happy me!


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