Brimfield Virgin

September 11, 2011



My very first Brimfield!



There was, well…..lots. Of.  STUFF.




And ……a wee bit of weather. As in rain.





Water and boots were the big story on Thursday. I had some spiffy ones ( my daughter swiped my real Wellies and left these behind). Very happy I threw them into the car before leaving.







The sun came out midday on Thursday and then there was just a little  mud . So I headed out with my camera …




How clever!  Don’t you think??   I call this “drunken Gustavian“.  Lots of ingenious (hard core) vendors. Gotta love them.


There were  # industrialfarm things.






And really good things… fabulous textiles and rugs.




Especially the ones that were 200 years old and from France.




And 200 year old ones from Hungary…the linens from Pandora Balthazar were absolutely exquisite.  Deserving of another post.





There were scumptious British pastries……and  Whoopie Pies.




Then there were some things that I did not understand.





At all.




There were beautiful people.



And beautiful old  things (that float).



The big news (and my next post) relates to the wonderful fusion of old things, new things, paint and social media…next post!  Definitely booking Brimfield 2012. Stay tuned!