A Paradigm Shift- Chicago’s Public Hotel

November 11, 2011




Travel … I always welcome change and a new perspective. Which is why I never default to the mundane and safe.  When heading to any big (or little) city,  I usually look for something a bit outside the box.  I’m always willing to take a chance and relish spending just one night in a space that  really inspires me.




I’ve done The Ace Hotel in Palm Springs….  though did not don the burlap Sherpa’s robe provided.





There are NYC’s “boutique” offerings.  Fun to ride the chartreuse escalator at The Hudson… just once.




Le Meridien Philadelphia was a visual treat.



via Remodelista


All of them just seem to be trying too hard.  So…  just came across images of Ian Scrager’s new “Public Hotel” in Chicago on Remodelista. The interiors really caught my eye.   A study in neutrals with infusions of color in small doses.  Trying…but understated.


via Remodelista


A vertical slice of brilliant yellow in back-lit shelving at the bar



via Remodelista


A splash of purple on white



via Remodelista


A horizontal plane of grass green in a sea of  textured neutrals





On Remodelista,  “Schrager describes his new venture as a “paradigm shift”; with a focus on value without sacrificing style.” Sounds (and looks) good to me.