Williamsburg Color- Unstuffed

May 23, 2013



I was very pleased to get this news!  The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation has partnered with Benjamin Moore on a collection of 144 new colors– ” Based on original pigments developed more than 250 years ago, Colonial Williamsburg’s curators have re-created this rich, authentic palette.”  TREND MEETS TRADITION.

Take a look at a few of these colors, used in really fresh new settings not your mother’s (or grandmother’s house)!



Washington Blue and Cornwallis Red


Spotswood Teal, Everard Blue and Damask Yellow



Green Umber and Hardwood Putty

Damask Yellow



Carter Gray and Capitol White


Bracken Cream and Williamsburg Wythe Blue


Raleigh Peach



Gunsmith Gray and Mopboard Black 


Ewing Blue and Market Square Shell


Bone Black and Lamp Black

Carter Plum


Williamsburg Stone and Hardwood Putty


Williamsburg Wythe Blue, Palace Pearl and Claret

Tyler Gray and Palace Pearl

Tyler Gray and Palace Pearl



Greenhow Blue



So, I’m seeing some old favorites here but the palette has most definitely been “refreshed”.  I’m loving it!





The color I’m “dying to try”?   Definitely “Greenhow Vermillion”.





There are some great reds in the collection!


Am looking forward to getting some of these colors up soon…stay tuned!  For more background on the Collection..watch here:





all images via Benjamin Moore




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  1. Isabel says:

    What a collection of wonderful colors, Jean! It’s always good to know about!I love your blog and posts, you always offer great and beautiful content 🙂

  2. Paula McHugh says:

    These are fabulous colors and with this presentation even the meekest will want to jump in!

  3. Love the colors, they are all stunning! My favorite has to be the greenhow blue that is on the door, makes me want to paint my door that color. Thanks for sharing!

    • jeankee says:

      Why thanks for commenting Boulder Painting! As in Boulder CO? My only and dearest son has lived there for 8 yrs! UC Boulder grad~ LOVE to visit. ; )

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