Sydney Blues

March 10, 2013



“Color is light made visible”.   ~ Donald Kaufman


Crying the blues for Sydney– blues rendered vivid by the brilliant harbor light.  Sydney is the place where I studied color and design and the light there was so different than the murky veiled light of Washington, DC.  It was there that I came to appreciate how light affects color in different regions of the world.



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The light on the eastern coast of Australia, especially combined with a water view, is where white on walls comes to life.  The strong light calls for clean, bright hues…  like cobalt blue, yellow and hot pink.  Anna Spiro, who lives up the coast in Brisbane,  is a master at working in this light.  Her blog,  Absolutely Beautiful Things is one of my favorite reads– it is brimming with images of  stunning pattern and color.




via absolutely beautiful things




via absolutely beautiful things



The Design Files, another great Aussie blog, is also a favorite.  A wander over to that site always cheers me up– the light in many of the homes featured there is unmistakable.




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via the design files


This is one of my favorite ways to use color– white as a backdrop for intense pops of color– but it really only works with lots of strong natural light.





Below is a similar look in a light- filled loft in New York City.  It is beautiful, but the light is not the same.



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This is why my earth- toned neutrals which were perfect back in Virginia looked so washed out in my living room in Sydney.






Maybe I’m just getting impatient for warm weather– these colors (below) could  certainly work in a sweet little beach house on the Atlantic coast.



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A trip down under should be on everyone’s bucket list.  If you go, just be sure to pack your sunglasses!





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