Outside the Door: Texture + (just a bit of) Color

June 27, 2012



What a glorious June morning here in Virginia!  I just stepped outside to water plants before the temperatures start to climb.  My eyes always come to rest on the beautiful textures of the natural surfaces out there– of stone, bark and blooms.



Here is the nuanced color and texture of a stacked stone wall in my front garden.   By this time of year it’s getting perfectly mossy and blotched with lichen.



And the ‘Creeping Jenny’ starts growing through the stones.



My 75 year -old slate roof is showing its age but I’ll probably cry if I have to replace it with something ‘new’.



A zinc planter on the front porch with a ‘Moroccan’ motif. I’m still waiting patiently for my teak benches to weather to a perfect silvery gray.



And is there anything more “textural” than the peeling bark of a River Birch?



And an heirloom hydrangea.  I’ve  massed  more of my favorite “Limelight” and “Little Lime” varieties in my front garden. The colors of the blooms which range from cream to chartreuse to a smoky pink in autumn make me happy.



Have a lovely summer week, friends!