Not So Mellow-Yellow

March 21, 2012


It was gray and pouring rain yesterday morning here in DC. I attended a benefit breakfast and was seated at table with someone wearing the most beautiful daffodil colored jacket- really bright.  It just ‘sang’ in a room of otherwise muted tones. It inspired me to collect a few images from my Pinterest boards that showcase the power of a small dose of yellow in white rooms.


via Orange Tangerine Art




via Decor 8





via a dose of the delightful



via Joel Snayd/ Rethink Design Studio




via Tamar Schechner



Feeling the yellow love?  It WAS the first day of spring yesterday, right?


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  1. More and more, I’m seeing bright white backgrounds with these energetic pops of color, and I like it!

    • jeankee says:

      Thank you, Jennifer. I have an entire Pinterest board for “White with Pops of Color—love using color this way. It is powerful!

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