Visual Overload: Pinning, Chipping and… Flipping

February 9, 2012



Chances are, if you have meandered over to this blog, you may also have wandered onto my Pinterest boards.   If you are new to Pinterest,  dive right in.



Fabulous tool for curating, organizing and sharing images and inspiration with friends, colleagues and clients.  What I love most about it is that the images always take you back to the source– eliminating all of that filing and bookmarking.  And, of course, you can scroll across hundreds of images (viewing others’ boards) –at warp speed. I find my mind just buzzing with visual overload, +  it is addicting. And like much of social media, just as we conquer the learning curve of one thing, something newer and more clever comes along. So just today, I noticed that there is another new toy (and new verb) on the block.

Meet  “Chip It”, curtesy of  Sherwin Williams:



I’m not sure how I will use this new app, but it is super easy and lightening fast. I “chipped” (and repinned) these images in 5 minutes flat:


photo Holly Dyment / palette Sherwin Williams


photo via Color Sizzle/ palette Sherwin Williams


image via Remodelista/ palette Sherwin williams


image via House Beautiful/ palette by Sherwin Williams


image via Helen James/palette via Sherwin Williams


“Chipping”…. you might have heard it here first.

3 Responses

  1. I like the title of this post. I agree with visual overload. I’ve been using and as a design tool with clients…some love scrolling through all the images and finding ones that fit their ‘style’… others tell me it is visual over-load for them. I seem to thrive on seeing all those images…

  2. Janet says:

    Have had Chip it since yesterday but haven’t tried it yet.

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