The Gray Volume (Benjamin Moore Full-Spectrum)

September 30, 2011




It’s here!   Benjamin Moore has launched its new line of 240 full-spectrum colors online. Welcome “Color Stories” !




Colors are organized by hue  into “volumes”…Fluid Blues, Golden Fields, Violet Twilight, Fiery Sunset, Elemental Greens, Earthen Hues, Naturally Neutral and Shades of Gray. I’m most intrigued by the grays. Imagine grays without a drop of black pigment added…complex, nuanced, luminous.



Here are some screen grabs of  the “Gray Volume”…




Ally’s Earring”  …..”A single, heirloom pearl inspired this beautiful, warm neutral.  Radiant, elegant…both formal and casual in nature. ”  Absolutely beautiful imagery… professional designers may not need “stories” to inform their color choices, but I’m betting the busy consumer in the market for the perfect gray will be inspired by them. The images and descriptions do evoke an emotional response… “Tweed Coat”  is easier to recall than BMCC-315.



Is gray already on the way out?  NO… the perfect neutral will always be at home on the walls of our homes. It is classic, enduring and the perfect backdrop for other more vibrant hues like chartreuse, yellow and orange.


The paint deck (actual painted samples) will be available in November.  But for now, “wet samples” (pint-size cans in Aura eggshell finish) can be ordered online.




And take a look at “Bellbottom Blues”… hard to resist!


For more background on “Color Stories”, see my previous post, “Full-Spectrum Yum”,  here.



10 Responses

  1. Jean –
    Color Stories is tasteful and relatable. Ben Moore delivers concepts that consumers identify.
    Color Stories are par for the course.
    Gorgeous post, JMK

    • jeankee says:

      Thank you sweet Paula!!! That “Falu Red” better be coming or I’m taking a business trip to Stockholm to get it. ; ) ; ) ; )

  2. Janet says:

    Ally’s Earring…my favorite.

    • jeankee says:

      Thanks, Janet. Actually, as member of the BM “Insider’s Club”… I’m getting a fan deck soon. ; ) Ally’s Earring does look pretty.

  3. Hi Jean…

    Oh, I can’t wait for their release.
    As I’ve said before, gray is a hard sell in the Pacific Northwest. When I say the word “gray”, the client winces as she has an image of gray as black + white. From now on, I shall propose it like this. “How about a ‘complex, nuanced, luminous’ neutral?” Thanks!

  4. Can’t wait to test these guys out! Keep us posted on the fan deck. I heard from my rep that they would be available in November.

  5. Color Stories still aren’t out in Nashville. The guys at my Ben Moore retailer haven’t even heard of it!!! Look forward to seeing it for myself.

    • jeankee says:

      Hey, Kristie,

      They are rolling it out (no pun intended), slowly. Paint decks should ship out in November. I’ll let you know when mine arrives.

  6. Niki Fulton says:

    ooooh, this sounds beautiful…….that is certainly my evening GONE now. Stunning photos. Thanks for posting this info.

  7. Hi, Jean.
    Went to a Ben Moore event last night and got a paint deck. Very lovely colors! Pic on my fb page:
    Hope you can get one soon.

    Happy Friday!

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