Full- Spectrum Yum (Brimfield Part 3)

September 16, 2011



One of the real reasons that I made the trek up to Brimfield last week was to meet up with fellow design bloggers under the Daily Basics tent for a “tweet-up“.  One of the major sponsors of this event was… Benjamin Moore .




You may wonder what in the world do Benjamin Moore and the  Brimfield antiques show have in common?  Well… the  event was a fabulous cross-pollination of antiques, paint, fabric and design friends who love  it all… and like to tweet about it.


Lucianna Samu


choosing among oranges for striping a dresser


Here is the uber-talented designer Lucianna Samu showing us how to transform antique furniture with a coat (or 2) of paint and fabulous fabric . The Daily Basics has posted a great video on You Tube of Lucianna at work:



Benjamin Moore's John Turner


Lucky for us…Benjamin Moore chose this event to announce the late September launch of their new line of full-spectrum paint : “Color Stories“.   The range will include 240 new luscious full-spectrum colors and be available in their premium Aura line. And what, you may ask, is “full-spectrum” ?  There will be lots more pigment per can and a wider range of pigments (5-7) used for each color which yield a more complex and luminous result.  Black pigment is completely absent from this line…imagine a gorgeous range of complex grays…all mixed without the addition of black!  The color samples will also be actual paint on paper, rather than printed.


I can’t wait to sample these grays.


And these oranges

and these greens.


Nick Harris, Kelley Moore, John Turner




Look for the online launch of Color Stories on September 30….on a screen near you.



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  1. Marcella says:

    I’m glad to hear BM is doing a full-spectrum palette and that the color samples will finally be actual paint! Hopefully BM will make large-scale actual paint samples available to designers, rather than printed color on paper. Any word on that?

  2. jeankee says:

    Hmmm…let me ask them about that. That would be great. Doing “wet” sampling always a hassle isn’t it?

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