Apartment Therapy DC Meetup {Trendspotting}

August 31, 2011




Lively Apartment Therapy DC Meet Up last night !






The event, an end of the summer social and design roundtable, was organized by Desire Green of Sukio Design and was held at  The Dunes , one of DC’s hottest art and event spaces.







Chris Bishop



Chris Bishop


Couldn’t resist posting a few of these fabulous pieces by local DC artist and illustrator Chris Bishop.




Zoe Feldman, Eric Cole, Alex Sanchez



The design panel  included  three of DC’s most “current” designers, Zoe FeldmanVastu’s Eric Kole, and  Alex Sanchez.  The panel shared their insights about “trends” and how they affect the DC design market.  They were in agreement about a few things.

~Clients are spending more “smartly”

~A “green mentality” has consumers turning to pieces that are locally sourced

~A global, more rough hewn look is “in”

~Architecture, scale, proportion should dictate design

~Matchy bedroom sets are a no-no


Alex Sanchez and Eric Kole


The designers also shared some details about new “projects” on the horizon.

~Zoe Feldman will be launching a new blog “Zoe Frenia”, which she promises to be “irreverent and frenetic”

~Eric Kole will appear on HGTV’s premiere episode of “Showhouse Showdown”, airing September 12 at 10pm ET

~Alex Sanchez will appear in Uptown Magazine and has an open house, showcasing his “renovation style” at 26 T St. NE, on September 11


*   *   *

And for more “words of wisdom”  from these three designers, you can check out the Twitter stream of #apttherapydc and @aposhgirl (I had trouble photographing, listening, drinking AND tweeting at the same time  ; )



Chris Bishop










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  1. Donna Frasca says:

    That looked like on very colorful event! I’ll keep an eye out for the new projects. I also agree with the panels thoughts on matchy bedroom sets – a BIG no no.

  2. jeankee says:

    One of the benefits of living 10 minutes from the BIg City– always something happening. Always learn when I venture out. : )

  3. roslyn says:

    nice pics – thanks for sharing! cool space too – sorry i had to miss it. started vacation last night.

  4. Tiffanni says:

    Thanks for posting so fast Roslyn,

    Sad I missed it, but had to do some moving/renovating for my little sister in Boston. It’s great to catch up on what I missed. See you at the next meetup!

  5. Laurie says:

    No matching bedroom sets is a TREND! If so, it started about 25 years ago.

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