The Palest of Pinks

July 29, 2011




Just a whisper of   ~ pink ~



Kristen Buckingham


That complex pale color you would find on the outer edges of a conch shell where the color fades just slightly from pink to buff.



Carol Felton




Elle Decor

And here, the pink shifts ever so slightly to violet…an ephemeral off-white from Donald Kaufman Color



Martha Stewart


Martha Stewart can get away with this….I have yet to convince a client to go this pink in a living room



Phoebe Howard


Phoebe Howard uses a gentle hand to create a quiet and serene space using just a hint of pink.




Victoria Pearson/House Beautiful



Wedding Bee

My top picks for the palest of pink in paints~




Benjamin Moore’s Antique White, Evening White, Onyx White

C2 Paint’s Sashay, Wink

California Paint’s Vanilla Blush

Farrow& Ball’s Pink Ground



Have a sweet weekend,  my dears.





3 Responses

  1. Janet says:

    The Donald Kaufman is brilliant esp. backing the navy sofa. But sorry, the Martha room is just plain creepy.

    • jeankee says:

      The Martha room is a bit contrived…could never get a client to paint out woodwork in that color…I think the room works (if you have 5 houses to play with ; )

  2. lovely, lovely. i wish people weren’t so frightened of pink paint. maybe i’ll paint my office pink . . .

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