Tantalizing Teal

June 25, 2011


Who doesn’t love  “teal” –that watery mix of blue and green?  Somehow, I don’t have even a drop of this color in my closet or home.



Helen James


The designer Helen James used this saturated hue in this powerful image, based on the paintings of Vermeer. The combination of teals, greens and acid yellows is simply arresting.

In interiors, teal is often used in limited doses as an accent color but can be such a gutsy choice when balanced by  complementary reds and oranges.


House Beautiful


And here is GUTSY.  Designer  Rob Southern actually painted over mahogany paneling (gasp!) in this library with a high gloss teal– Benjamin Moore’s Bermuda Turquoise.  Light flooring and red accents make it work.



Kelly Berg


When the talented Kelly Berg of Arte Styling posted this photo of her home office I immediately filed it under “Perfect Teals”.  She used Benjamin Moore’s Rendezvous Bay on the walls.  Again the orange tone of the floors and furniture bring balance to the space. And take a look at that subtle ceiling color. Perfect, indeed.



C2 Paint



I’m dying to try this color- C2 Paint’s Luna .  This brand is the master of complex saturated color– they use finely ground artist-grade European colorants to create an unmatchable luminosity and depth.





Another gorgeous image from Lonny Mag.  This is the Hell’s Kitchen studio of designer Ben Brougham. The wall is painted Benjamin Moore’s Surf Blue.




Bermuda Turquoise, Rendezvous Bay, Luna, Surf Blue





Clifford Smith


And speaking of surf…all that blue/green got you thinking about water?  Dive right in.  Painting by Clifford Smith via Spanierman Gallery.




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  1. A wonderfil post, Jane!!! I have teal envy!

  2. Absolutely beautiful images. I have also used that first image in a post before – so fabulous! I’m glad you posted Kelly’s office. I think I could get a lot of happy work done there! I love Rendevous Bay, and have also used Peacock Feathers 724 on furniture and accents in a fairly neutral space which turned out really nicely.

    • jeankee says:

      Thanks Kristie! Don’t you just love Kelly’s office? Will have to ask her about that peachy ceiling color. Have a great weekend~

  3. The first picture is wonderful, strangely seductive – the blue hand is an interesting gesture…but the colors – and the textures – I couldn’t stop staring at it.

  4. You know the words ‘watery mixture’ is a great way to describe colors that blend into each other. I think it’s the perfect wording to use in a consultation to describe what’s happening with color.

    Clear communication with the client is imperative, – Thanks, Jean

  5. Before I read your post, I thought that image looked like “The Girl With the Pearl Earring.”

    I am, too, a lover of teal and well as Vermeer. I painted the backs of my built-in book shelves, Valspar, “Lost Atlantis” and it’s just knock out.

    Thanks so much for bringing us such a well penned post.

  6. HI, Jean. Oh my! I can’t believe I’ve not given you a proper thank you yet!!! I am so honored to have my little office featured on your blog post – especially so because I am grouped with such amazing rooms and images. Thank you so much! That first image is AMAZING. Of course I love it – it has a similar feel to my space.

    The ceiling is actually just a creamy off-white. I didn’t bother painting it – that’s just leftovers. I think it picked up some of the orange-iness of the floor and dresser because of the light at that moment.

    One of the reasons I’ve been so slow to respond is because we are moving! I am currently disassembling the space and am hoping to recreate it in our new place. To be continued…

    Thanks again!

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