Tantalizing Teal

June 25, 2011


Who doesn’t love  “teal” –that watery mix of blue and green?  Somehow, I don’t have even a drop of this color in my closet or home.



Helen James


The designer Helen James used this saturated hue in this powerful image, based on the paintings of Vermeer. The combination of teals, greens and acid yellows is simply arresting.

In interiors, teal is often used in limited doses as an accent color but can be such a gutsy choice when balanced by  complementary reds and oranges.


House Beautiful


And here is GUTSY.  Designer  Rob Southern actually painted over mahogany paneling (gasp!) in this library with a high gloss teal– Benjamin Moore’s Bermuda Turquoise.  Light flooring and red accents make it work.



Kelly Berg


When the talented Kelly Berg of Arte Styling posted this photo of her home office I immediately filed it under “Perfect Teals”.  She used Benjamin Moore’s Rendezvous Bay on the walls.  Again the orange tone of the floors and furniture bring balance to the space. And take a look at that subtle ceiling color. Perfect, indeed.



C2 Paint



I’m dying to try this color- C2 Paint’s Luna .  This brand is the master of complex saturated color– they use finely ground artist-grade European colorants to create an unmatchable luminosity and depth.





Another gorgeous image from Lonny Mag.  This is the Hell’s Kitchen studio of designer Ben Brougham. The wall is painted Benjamin Moore’s Surf Blue.




Bermuda Turquoise, Rendezvous Bay, Luna, Surf Blue





Clifford Smith


And speaking of surf…all that blue/green got you thinking about water?  Dive right in.  Painting by Clifford Smith via Spanierman Gallery.




Style Icon: Ines de la Fressange

June 13, 2011


Today, at 53, former French supermodel, Ines de la Fressange,  is back.  For me, she epitomizes that elusive thing that French women have- she is classic, elegant, sophisticated, but never conventional.




Take color notes here– complementary perfection.  Nothing over the top. Understated with a tiny punch of Roger Vivier orange.





Doesn’t hurt that she has remained whip- thin. And her tousled brown hair is always casual and a bit messy…a study in perfect non-perfection.





Again, neutrals punctuated with a splash of blue.





And another touch of blue.



the selby


And here, photographed in her Paris office for The Selby,  she is a study in pink and brown.


roger vivier



She is a huge fan of the legendary Roger Vivier buckled flat and has been quoted as declaring that,  it is best to have one pair of shoes that are “a little bit too expensive for you but that you love…”  I’ll second that.






Guessing this was not a candid photo. Perfection in black, white, gray and taxi yellow. Love this.





the selby


Une femme d’un certain age. Bravo!





Feathers and Rainbows

June 6, 2011


‘Tis the season for dress up–weddings, grad parties and ….. prom.   Just had to share a few of the photos I snapped last Saturday of my daughter and friends heading out to their senior prom.   The dress code this year was simple, classic and elegant.  But there were a few little surprises.



FEATHERS.   Apparently... feathers are IN. As in hair. As in boys’ hair.





And in corsages (so sweet that they still do the flower thing).





And in boutonnieres. Actually, these fellow art students embellished ones from the florist with feathers to coordinate with their outfits. Could you just die?





Of course, the girls were  totally in charge here. The boys were instructed to stand back as they arranged themselves “in a rainbow” for the ultimate photo opp.  The girls who dared to wear black, white or  prints were exiled off to the side. : )





And the evening was capped off by a limo ride through Georgetown and Washington, D.C.






Back to “feathers”.   I first noticed this trend while visiting Boulder last summer.  Lots of  college kids were wearing feather hair extensions. They were often very subtle.  Seems to be just catching on in Washington, D.C.  At first,  there was a stampede of local high school kids to a certain hair salon for  “feather tipping”; now the kids are buying them on Etsy .


Wanna be 18 again?  Actually, I think Steven Tyler wears them in his hair but who knows how old he is.



Have a happy  and  ~colorful~ June.