Sweetest Little Things

May 18, 2011

So…. my patient readers,  I’ve got a bit of writer’s block working on a weighty post about “color planes” and contemporary architecture.

In the meantime I wanted to share a few photos of sweet little houses in my neighborhood.  As I’ve traveled across the country and world, I have always chosen to “light”  fairly close to urban centers in older neighborhoods.  Of course, the trade off has always been space.  There were most certainly times when I would have readily traded my slate roof for a house with a garage,  big walk-in closets and a guest room–houses definitely “shrink” as little bodies grow into bigger ones. Yes, McMansions can be great for raising a large brood and some just prefer big. But, I’m afraid that so many of these spaces with their soaring entries and miles of granite, were the visions of developers, not architects– built more to “impress”  rather than to “live” in. Which brings me to my enormous appreciation for the small, more finely crafted “home”.

There is something to be said for scale and a bit of imperfection.  These sweet little houses just beckon you to walk right in and have a cup of tea. Don’t you agree?






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  1. Libby says:

    Most definitely! The whole concept of McMansions seems so…outdated? extravagant? outrageous? I love the small bungalows too; Chapel Hill has some very cute ones. The redone ones are great, of course, but I like those with a bit of paint peeling, or the front porch sagging just a bit!
    Some of my favorite houses, anywhere, are those beautiful natural stone in Bucks County, PA: to die for!

    • jeankee says:

      Thanks, Libby! So nice to get feedback. You all dry down there? Has been raining off-on for a week here. At least the garden loves it. ; )

  2. Libby says:

    Four days in Carmel, CA and even there it rained most of the time! Enough already….

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