Spring….and a Little Color in Georgetown

April 16, 2011


Spring has arrived in D.C …. finally. Headed across the river to Georgetown this morning  for an exterior consult. I have lots of work in the historic districts of Old Town and D.C.- mostly townhouses. I’ve always loved the idea of tightly designed little spaces.  That is what you get with city townhouses…the canvas of an exterior is relatively small.  The landscape  here is somewhat conservative, dignified and restrained. Natural brick, off-whites and neutrals reign with pops of  “color”  expressed  on a tiny scale.   A small cluster of brilliant pink tulips against a putty gray exterior; a high gloss navy door  and crisp white trim on brick; a tiny side gate  painted a sunny yellow… powerful in context.



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  1. I love the way you paint houses in USA, Jane!!!
    Lovely colours everywhere!

  2. Jami Corddry says:

    Very pretty…I just love that daffodil yellow door!

  3. white, jean? i’m shocked! maybe you’re like me: i do love to experiment with other peoples’ spaces! hope you have a lovely weekend 🙂

  4. I love this post, Jean! I find exterior colors particularly challenging – you’ve done such a gorgeous job with these houses! (And I believe we had spring for about 20 minutes, but where did it go?)

    • jeankee says:

      Thank you Annie. Was back in Georgetown just yesterday. Just buzzing in almost full bloom. The only downside was that my daughter forced me into Sprinkles where I succumbed to the red velvet. ; )

  5. debra disman says:

    Utterly refreshing! Love the combination of bright vibrant color pops animating the pleasing formality and symmetry of the architecture.
    Let’s hear it for tricycles!
    Al the best,

  6. Wow oh Wow – that yellow door is fabulous, inviting and cheerful, welcoming and happy.

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