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April 8, 2011



Three of my favorite things.  Favorite thing #1)   Anthropologie Hard to ignore those dreamy catalogs that appear in my mailbox regularly. And nothing better for inspiration than wandering  through their stores with the feel of some romantic foreign land, chock full of color and dusty bohemian chicness.




Favorite thing #2)  Shoes……..enough said.





Which brings me to favorite thing #3)  Honor and Jane, two longtime friends and uber- talented  home-staging and real estate pros.  I recently helped them tweak some wall colors in  a sweet little house that they were readying for the spring market.  The wall colors were the easy part.  Full credit goes to that duo for packing up two truckloads of furniture and leaving behind a perfectly edited collection of just a few choice antiques, rugs and colorful abstract artwork.   Look at the gorgeous palette in this sweet little rug from Anthropologie– smoky lavender grays, acid greens and touches of pink and red, which inspired the wall color choices for bedrooms and baths.







C2Paint Inuvik Ice, Chameleon, Hydrangea, Puck, Bombay

C2Paint Inuvik Ice, Chameleon, Hydrangea, Puck, Bombay








Don’t  you feel like you’re walking through that store again?  Take me to the…..kasbah.




What do you think? Amazing how much color was packed into that fabulous little Anthropologie rug.




On the main floor of the house, the palette is more subdued, with neutrals playing a supporting role to the owner’s collection of vibrant paintings.  This one is a stunner- by local artist,  Sheep Jones.




More Sheep Jones.



C2 Paint Thatch, Muddy Waters, Turkish Market, Kasbah

C2 Paint Thatch, Muddy Waters, Turkish Market, Kasbah




Kitchen cabinetry was painted out in another C2Paint neutral, similar to the wall color- visually expanding the space.





Sooo, my gift to you for the weekend. A tiny lesson on the power of color in real estate staging (no, you don’t have to paint everything Shell White) and some more images of beautiful rooms to gorge on.  A simple little ode to  Anthropologie, my two very talented friends Honor and Jane and ………shoes.







Enough said.





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  1. “Thou shall not covet”, she reminded herself, as she mopped up the drool upon feasting her eyes on the infinite possibilities. What a wonderful visual romp! Thank you for your weekend gift. It’s gloomy here, as usual, and I needed that.

  2. Lynn Waller from Pixie Dust Painting says:

    another absolutely beautiful posting. love love love

  3. What a lovely post and a wonderful Colour Lesson, Jane!!!

  4. I’m a big fan of G & R paint company, Philip has always been there when I have color questions, now that they are not using BM paints I don’t go in as much. The C2 colors you picked are gorgeous. Also, love the C2 fan deck, REAL color chips…

    And talk about beautiful, the clay and blue rug is to die for. wonderful pictures, looking forward to more…

  5. Jami Cordry says:

    Love the house, the yummy colors, and yes, shoes!

  6. Debra Disman says:

    Totally digging your posts, colors, and artistic shoe compositions.
    So glad I am following the Painted Room!

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